Design and build your process

Kianda processes are made up of forms. As we saw in Plan your process, you may have paper forms or email flows that you want to turn into dynamic, digital processes.

Designing in Kianda

To turn your process plan into a Kianda design using the agile approach, follow three simple steps: Build processes, Connect your data, Preview the design.

Design process

Designing in Kianda

We’ll start with the first step - Build processes.

Build processes

Building processes involves three steps: creating the process itself, adding forms to the process and then adding controls and rules to the forms.

Build process steps

Create forms process

Once you have previewed the design, you may wish to go back and make changes to the form, adopting an iterative design approach. We will deal with each step in turn, starting with creating a process.

Before you begin Process plan icon

To start creating a process, reference your process plan. As we go through the steps involved, we will keep in mind the requirements associated with a Training Request and Approval Process. We will start by creating a first process called Training Process.

Create a process

  1. To create a process, go to the Left side menu and click on Administration > Designer.

  2. You are now in the main process view. From here, you can click on Import or Export to import or export processes once created. There is also an option to use Kianda’s predefined processes available in the App Store.

    Adding a new process

    Main process view

    Click on the Add new button to create a process from scratch.

  3. Fill out the details in the Add new process dialog box - that is Title, ID (a unique Name that autofills from the title), Description, Group (if you have a predefined group) and Administrators, people who will be able to administrate this process, choose from Users or Groups.

    Add new process dialog box

    Create a process

    Click on OK OK button when complete.

  4. You are now in the process design page. From here, you can Add forms.

    Process design page

    Form designer

What’s next Idea icon

The next steps are:

User tip Target icon

There are many ways to manage who has access to a process or form - see the video How to control user security access to forms and process.