Form action rules

Rules within the Form action rules category allow you to perform form specific actions on forms and processes such as saving a form / process, submitting a form, closing a form, deleting a process and validating form input.

Getting started with Form action rules

If you go to Administration > Designer and click on a process or create a new process, then click on Add a rule the Form action rules are found in the left-hand pane when you click on Form action.

Form action rules

There are six Form action rules as follows:

  • Validate input - provides ability perform flexible data validation and prevents incorrect data submission

  • Field display mode - this rule forces the display mode to override the automatic display mode of fields and forms

  • Submit form - marks the current form as complete and makes it read-only

  • Save form - commits a record or process instance in the server

  • Close form - closes the form and navigates to another resource

  • Delete form - marks the record or process instance to be deleted

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